Video Conferencing

Video Conferencing Saves Time And Money


Few would deny that the value of conferencing can be immense. Regrettably, however, the cost associated with this type of activity can be equally immense. In recent years, the introduction of video conferencing technology has led to huge savings in both time and money. Video conferencing provides multiple users with face-to-face contact in real time as well as providing the perfect platform for an exchange of informative multimedia material.

Just setting up a live conference can be a major operation. It involves arranging travel and accommodation for delegates from many different parts of the country or even the world as well as organizing a suitable, mutually agreed venue. Compared with the man-weeks required to arrange live meetings, video conferencing can be set up in a few minutes by a single person using email. When video conferencing, each delegate remains in his or her own environment and within easy reach of any required reference material.

Variously known as visual collaboration and video-teleconferencing, video conferencing was pioneered by AT & T back in the early 70s but, with the sophisticated groupware available now, it bears little resemblance to the powerful facilities of today. Video conferencing goes beyond simple video phone calls that are essentially a form of audio-visual communication between just two participants and easily achieved with simple analogue devices. It is digital telephony that has made this technology simultaneously available to multiple remote users.

Just as in a live conference centre, delegates contributing via a video conferencing setup are able to play an active role by displaying AV presentations, legal documents, spread-sheets and any manner of computer file or solid object with ease. Since its introduction, the technology of video conferencing has continued to improve and the introduction of efficient compression algorithms and fast ISDN or IP networks and LCD or LED screens has led to far higher resolution images and true high definition video.

Video conferencing can prove invaluable to any growing nation-wide or international business. Contact us today to learn more about this powerful business tool.