Outdoor Monitors

Outdoor Monitors Must Serve In All Weathers


outdoor monitorsThe electronic age must have seemed like a dream come true for advertisers. Not only have the twin media of television and the internet provided them with the gift of almost limitless reach but there is now almost no limit to the environments in which they are able to post their seductive messages. Where once, advertising on the high street and in other locations out of doors was restricted to billboards and posters, new outdoor monitors have provided the advertisers with a powerful new window to the world.

The first requirement of these new visual display tools was to ensure that they would be easily visible in all ambient light conditions. After that, the ability to survive the often extremely variable weather conditions was the second most important criterion to be met.

Interaction is an important benefit of electronic advertising and it is now common for advertisers to interact with customers by means of special outdoor monitors fitted with touch screen displays. By encouraging them to drill down and mine for further information, these units can act just like additional sales staff.

All Features Large and Small

Many of these new displays are fairly modest in size and are designed to be viewed from relatively short distances while holding the attention of the viewer. By contrast others can be very large indeed and it has now become fairly common for advertisers to employ these larger outdoor monitors to display at the roadside or even to mount them on the walls of buildings.

Their size enables them to be read at a distance and thus they serve to attract the attention of potential clients that were merely passing and that may otherwise have failed to notice a smaller display located at pavement level.

Change the Content in a Flash

As with most modern digital display devices it is easily possible for the owner to update the message carried by these versatile outdoor monitors as required. Special offers or events, new products or developments can be added via a keyboard and inspected to finalise layouts and check for any sign of errors before actually posting the revised content live.

This means that an advertiser can respond very quickly to the changing needs of the market. With the help of other media tools, it becomes possible to merge still images with video clips and animations from a variety of sources into a totally seamless, looped presentation.

It’s clear that this technology has revolutionised the way advertisers are able to communicate with their prospects and adapt to their changing needs.

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