Stadium Screens

Stadium Screens Make Live Events Livelier


Despite that, for a small fee, we can watch most sporting events in the comfort of our home and with adequate supplies of tea, coffee or something stronger at hand, there is really nothing quite like the excited hustle and bustle when joining the crowds of fellow fans at a live match. Whether the ball in play is round or oval; kicked or struck with a bat, the chances are that you will be at one of the many sporting venues that now boast stadium screens.

Because of the crystal clear images and the close following of all of the main action as it unfolds, it is quite common to find fans viewing most of the game on one of these giant displays. For those that don’t, they provide a perfect adjunct to the live atmosphere by allowing periodic views of the antics of other fans as well as the instant replays and slow-motion repeats of the more critical parts of the action.

For all present, the stadium screens serve to enhance the experience of the attendees while adding a valuable new dimension to the events themselves.

Brightness and Clarity are Critical

The ambient lighting conditions at any open air event are constantly changing and any visual display in use must support images of suitably good contrast at all times to maintain adequate visibility. Likewise, the range of viewing angles and long viewing distances that are encountered also raise the need for images of better than average resolution.

Stadium screens meet both of these challenges with ease using either LED or LCD screens and have, in some venues, grown to enormous proportions. In Arlington Texas, the Cowboys Stadium has the second largest HD TV screen in the world and is a massive 46 metres in width and 22 metres high. It is a single structure consisting of more than 10.5 million individually mounted LEDs.

From Rugby to Rock

It’s not only sporting events that benefit from the use of stadium screens. Pop and rock concerts that regularly attract more fans than an international rugby game will often employ one or more of these giant displays. For an audience that is largely on foot and thus most find it almost impossible to see the stage, the chance to catch a glimpse of their favourite superstars in action can add considerably to their enjoyment of the music. The displays also provide a massive opportunity for advertisers to target a gigantic captive audience.

Powerful, versatile and exciting are all words that describe these stunning visual display devices. When it comes to stadium screens, we know the business so contact us for these and any other display needs.