Stadium Screen

Questek Can Supply Stadium Screen Solutions

Questek Advanced Technologies can supply almost any type of visualisation solutions, whether you require an event display, video wall or stadium screen.  Especially now with the Soccer World Cup, stadium screen technology is used to bring the action (and the action replays) closer to the fans.  In fact, Questek had signed an agreement with Sony® to tender for the supply of networked electronic visualisation solutions for the Soccer World Cup.

The result of this collaboration was the installation of motorised stadium screens, LCD monitors and projectors at the Royal Bafokeng and Orlando soccer stadiums.  We are proud to be Sony’s preferred local partner in this project.  Sony® and Barco® have already collaborated on international projects and Barco® products are distributed locally exclusively by Questek, so it was a natural fit.  It also means that Questek could be confident in the fact that our local stadiums would get the best quality equipment available – the famous Arsenal FC stadium is Sony-equipped and the Wembley Stadium is Barco-equipped.

Stadium screens are required to have extremely high brightness levels to be clearly visible even in direct sunlight.  They are used for IP monitoring, to display scoreboards and for digital signage too.  Sony® and Barco® manufacture specialised stadium display solutions that have been proven on the international market.  Questek, on the other hand, has an established local track record in designing, installing, integrating and implementing visualisation solutions.

Questek Advanced Technologies is proud to be part of the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup in South Africa by supplying stadium screen solutions for the event.  We can implement virtually any type of integrated visualisation solution for you too.  Contact us for more information.