Projection Screens

Questek Supplies The Best Rear Projection Screens

Rear projection screens project the image from the rear of the screen, so the viewer sees the image through the screen, instead of an image projected onto the front of the screen.  When they are not in use, rear projection screens resemble a sheet of glass; this sheet of glass can be shaped for unique projection media, which makes it ideal for trade and retail show applications too.  Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you the finest rear projection screen technology at very competitive prices.

A major advantage of a rear projection screen is that the image remains clearly visible even when there are considerable ambient light levels, like in a conference room with the main lights switched on.  This is especially advantageous when delegates have to view the presentation and make notes at the same time and/or interact with the presenter, necessitating that the lights be switched on, potentially drowning out the image of a front projection screen.

Questek has assisted pharmaceutical company Aspen with the installation of dual DNP rear projection screens in both their Durban and Johannesburg offices.  They have also supplied an eight-port bridge in one of their Johannesburg locations that will facilitate multi-site video conferencing, a visualisation solution that Questek has also helped them develop.  We have also designed Carnival City’s new multi-entertainment audiovisual solution in collaboration with their architects, offering an amazing world of escapism and fantasy.  Large, rear projection screens provide footage of betting information, sports events and the output from a video jukebox throughout the casino and in the Salon Privé area too.

Questek Advanced Technologies can assist you with a visualisation solution incorporating the best rear projection screens and all the technology and expertise to make it a reality.  Contact us today.