Diagnostic Imaging

Top Quality Diagnostic Imaging Displays From Questek


Medical displays play an important role in hospitals and clinics and diagnostic imaging should be of the very best quality to facilitate accurate diagnoses of medical conditions.  Questek Advanced Technologies can offer a range of high-performance medical displays and diagnostic imaging monitors from leading manufacturers like Barco®.

Irrespective of the application or the modality, or whether a greyscale or colour monitor is required, the Barco® range of diagnostic display systems offers exceptional brightness and contrast and a superbly crisp image.  These displays can be combined with high-performance display controllers and the unique online MediCal QAWeb service for Quality Assurance and calibration to ensure that all Barco® softcopy displays bring diagnostic confidence without equal to the point of care.  Barco® monitors are also DICOM-compliant and the images can easily be incorporated in a Picture Archiving & Communications System (PACS) for later retrieval and review.

Questek does not only supply Barco®, but also leading brands like Sony® and ProjectionDesign®.  The ProjectionDesign® F3+ is the most powerful single-chip DLP™ (Digital Light Processing) projector in the world and is often used as a medical display, thanks to its SXGA+ resolution and 6,500 ANSI lumens brightness.  Single, dual and automatic lamp relay modes are incorporated into this model and the lamps have a long 4,400-hour life expectancy.  It offers superior image quality and reliability.  The Sony® Gamma monitor is also a popular medical display thanks to its full HD 1920x1080 image resolution and its conference mode makes it ideal for medical conferences and educational purposes too.

Questek Advanced Technologies can meet your needs for medical displays and diagnostic imaging solutions today.  For more information on how we can help you with an integrated visualisation solution, contact us today.