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Questek Brings You Affordable LCD Screen Technology

The LCD screen has advanced beyond all expectations and today it offers fast latency and superior image quality.  Questek Advanced Technologies is an expert in supplying and implementing advanced visualisation solutions and we can bring you the latest advances in LCD screen technology.  LCD stands for Liquid Crystal Display and it employs a fluorescent lamp as the light source and liquid crystals to focus the light on the pixels.  The technology is lightweight, consumes little power and has all but replaced traditional CRT (cathode ray tube) glass monitors.

LCD screens were used on the first laptops because of their compact size and good image quality.  However, latency levels were very low and those screens exhibited poor video display and much “smearing”.  They could also only really be viewed satisfactorily from dead ahead and the image all but disappeared at oblique viewing angles.  All those disadvantages are a thing of the past today and only the advantages remain: the LCD is now a compact, economical display of exceptional quality and with superior crispness, contrast and brightness levels.

A plasma display does not offer any real advantages over an LCD anymore.  It uses the actual fluorescent lights to turn the pixels on and off and while it offers a similar picture quality to an LCD screen, it does use more power.  What is more, the latest LCD screens have become extremely thin and when edge lighting is used (LED lights along the edge of the screen) in preference to conventional backlighting, wafer-thin displays are possible that weigh even less and can be wall-mounted like a portrait even more easily.

Questek Advanced Technologies can bring you the latest in LCD screen technology, so contact us today to see how we can help you at an eminently affordable price.

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