Questek Advanced Technologies are the leaders in the market of and installation of visual value solutions of which surveillance solutions form an integral part. Most people today think of the James Bond style of observation technology to be the absolute ultimate in video solutions, and therefore totally unreachable.  But as leading distributors of  Barco products in South Africa, we will be launching Barco Surveillance, which is a very advanced observation solution, consisting of a high quality display, using rear projection, graphic controlling and web-based operating software and advanced solution for managed monitoring.
Surveillance cameras today enable the owner of a house for instance to see what is happening and then respond in reasonable time. These cameras, strategically placed, do a good job of detecting movement within their field of view.

Across the world, coastal and inland ports have facilities that cover thousands of square metres of waterfront, terminal buildings and open cargo handling areas, etc. and to provide the ultimate in safety and security, access control and CCTV surveillance is required.

In South Africa in some of our suburbs, the newest surveillance technology has been used which is really going a long way in preventing and fighting crime. We, as leaders in visual solutions, and along with Sony have been awarded the contract to install networked electronic solutions to two stadiums in preparation for the 2010 FIFA World Cup.  One is the Orlando Stadium, to be used as a training facility for the World Cup teams in 2010, and new security systems will be installed at the main gate and VIP parking area, to secure and control access for vehicles going in and out.

Whether the surveillance system is needed to monitor traffic levels or to provide a safe environment for passengers at the airport, we provide the solutions that meet the full requirements of your business professionally and cost effectively.

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