Single Lens Projectors

Whether for your home cinema, digital cinema or in a more professional set-up, single lens projectors are considered to be the most ideal in any given situation. Their high contrast and brightness capabilities make them superior, setting a standard in the multimedia industry. As most presentations require the use of a projector, the use of single lens projector will add excitement and sophistication to your event.

So what are single lens projectors? Well, to put it in layman’s terms, they are digital projectors that make use of a lens system to project an image by means of a very bright light. Some systems, such as the Projectiondesign F3+ from DLPTM offers the user the choice between six different bayonet mount lenses which are each used for a particular situation.

Although there are a number of projection technologies available, Questek Advanced Technologies’ preferred DLP projector systems make use of Texas Instruments’ DLP technology. This technology makes use of one, two, or three microfabricated light valves named digital micromirror devices, or DMDs, which are optical semiconductors. Both the single and double DMD versions of DLP projectors modulate colour by means of rotating colour wheels in time with mirror refreshes.

With this advanced technology, Questek Advanced Technologies are able to provide their clients with flexible, high performance projectors. Whether for your home cinema, digital cinema or business, the single lens projectors are sure to provide you with the high quality visuals needed to the satisfaction of all its onlookers.

Selecting A Professional Projector Supplier To Augment Your Investment

Recent technological advancements have seen an increase in popularity of projectors due to their increased affordability and possible applications. There are many different projectors available on the market, from single lens projectors to handheld, multi and full HD video projectors. In order to ensure that you choose the correct projector that will best serve your needs, consult a reputable projector supplier before deciding to invest in any projector.

Projector suppliers will be able to advise you on the many applications projectors have in the home, digital and professional market. These vary from the following:

  • Theatrical presentations
  • For use in educational establishments
  • The display of visual effects in movies / videos
  • Home cinema applications
  • Entertainment venues
  • Ceremonies and award shows.

The above list is by no means exhaustive, and projectors can fill any combination of these and other vital functions a number of different industries. Once again professional suppliers of the latest projectors and other audio visual products will be best able to advise you on which projector will meet your exact requirements.

When searching for reliable projector suppliers, there are certain aspects to keep in mind. Firstly there is no substitute for choice. Prospective suppliers should offer you a varied catalogue of projectors which are specific to the purpose required of them. This is one of the first ways you can distinguish between a professional projector supplier and one which is not.

Secondly any supplier would provide you with an excellent warranty and guarantee on their products. If they do not have confidence in their own products, then why should you? Maintenance and service agreements can also be negotiated. If this comes at an extra cost, it may very well stand you in good stead to invest in some type of maintenance program as a further investment in the upkeep and care of your projector. Professional suppliers will also be able to advise you on placement and installation if they do not perform the installation themselves, and will be able to refer you to industry experts to get the job done professionally.

Lastly word of mouth still remains one of the best ways of securing any quality service or product. When considering which projector supplier to go with, speak to acquaintances and friends who have dealt with the supplier to gauge their experience with the company on all fronts. This may very well point you in the correct direction and aid you in finding the best projector supplier available on the market.

Questek Advanced Technologies is South Africa’s premier projector supplier, dealing exclusively with the world’s foremost brands and products. Through many years’ and experience and service in the audio visual industry, Questek Advanced Technologies have garnered themselves a well-deserved industry reputation for excellence and for their expert authority on the latest and cutting edge audio visual technologies. Questek Advanced Technologies also offer a large selection of audio visual equipment ranging from video walls, media servers, media monitors, video conferencing and image processing equipment. Trust Questek Advanced Technologies with all your audio visual requirements.

Should you require further information on single lens projectors or are in need of professional visualisation solutions, contact us today and our team at Questek Advanced Technologies will create a unique visualisation solution to exceed all your demands.

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