Modern professional monitors’ technology has improved with leaps and bounds over the last ten years and Questek Advanced Solutions is right at the forefront of this field, offering you the best monitors for any application, whether it is security or entertainment.  We specialise in electronic displays for professional markets and we integrate advanced display technologies to give our clients the innovative visual communication tools they need to effectively convey their messages.

Visual images have taken over the world that we live in, and these images are mostly conveyed by monitors, screens and displays that utilise Cathode Ray Tube (CRT), plasma, Light-Emitting Diode (LED) or Liquid Crystal Display (LCD) technology.  Of these, LCD monitors have seen the greatest advances in the recent past, vying for superiority where they were once highly directional and provided poor latency properties.  Modern LCD monitors offer excellent brightness and contrast, as well as exhibiting very good latency with none of the smearing associated with the LCD monitors of old laptop computers.

Monitors are used for broadcasting, entertainment, sport, media, surveillance, security, events, digital conferencing, retail, simulation, transport and education, as well as in museums and security control rooms.  Questek Advanced Solutions not only sells monitors, we guarantee our clients complete, pioneering visualisation solutions.  We have extensive experience in the large screen display, broadcasting and projection markets.  The solutions we install integrate every part of the imaging chain, from the acquisition and processing of images to their display and management.

Contact Questek Advanced Solutions today for a cutting edge visualisation solution tailor-made for your application and the very best monitors.