Broadcasting Displays

Questek Advanced Technologies is a preferred supplier of specialist broadcasting displays to broadcasting companies worldwide.  Our visualisation solutions are used for their studio and monitoring needs, whether it is for distribution monitoring rooms, training, post-production environments, news studios or for broadcasting displays.  Barco offers several products that are used in the broadcasting environment and Questek is the exclusive South African supplier of Barco products.

Vutrix also manufactures high-definition LCD-TFT displays and these are also available through Questek.  These Vutrix displays are often installed in TV studios, outside broadcasting vehicles, film studios, vision monitoring stations and post-production facilities.  They produce the extremely accurate images demanded by colourists, producers, film crews and video mixers.  Both Standard and True HD displays are available; Standard screens can display most types of HD formats, including 720p and 1080i, while True HD displays have a native resolution of 1,920x1080 and can display up to 1080 progressive signals – without compression.

These pixel-to-pixel displays accept a wide range of inputs, including all the common signal formats like DVI, SDI, single- and dual-link HD-SDI, S-Video, component and composite.  Each display is individually calibrated during the manufacturing process to ensure totally accurate tonal range and colour rendition.  Features include tally and UMD display, internal quad-screen processing, safe area cages and audio metres, among others.  They also represent a cost saving, because one unit can replace several rack-mounted units.

The Vutrix range of pixel-to-pixel, high definition LCD broadcasting displays offers you superior flexibility, picture quality for any type of broadcasting monitoring application.  Choose from a variety of standard HD, true HD, multi-display and quad units.  They are all supplied by Questek Advanced Technologies.  For more information, contact us.