Video Walls

Video walls are ideal for digital signage advertising in retail, airports, sports venues, trade shows, train stations, shopping malls and museums.  Questek Advanced Technologies can supply video walls for these applications, based on the Hantarex LCD Narrow Bezel display, especially for those 24-hour applications that require a nearly seamless video wall for presentation of still and moving images and text information to a wide audience.  This large video wall may be installed in either landscape or portrait modes.

The Hantarex Narrow Bezel video wall is available in both 40- and 46-inch sizes and employs LCD-TFT monitors.  It features very narrow gaps between adjacent screens (hence the name) and a feature called “Sun Readability” to make it easy to view, even in direct sunlight.  This product is ideal for permanent applications in public places subject to harsh light, thanks to the superior 700cd/m2 brightness level that is achievable and the virtually complete lack of reflected light from external sources.  As such, this product is popular in congress halls, stock exchanges, airports, financial centres and shopping centres.

Narrow Bezel exhibits very low power consumption, invisible borders and a very narrow depth of 9cm.  In addition, it is easy to install and allows easy access for in-situ replacement of any active component of the screen.  It features internal image splitting, allowing image management with an internal image splitter for a video wall of a configuration of up to 5x5.  You can set up the wall in many configurations, including portrait, 4/3, 16/9, panorama, towers and banners.

Questek Advanced Technologies is proud to supply the Hantarex Narrow Bezel 40- and 46-inch video walls for any professional application.  For more information on this and other visualisation solutions available from Questek, contact us today.