Medical Displays

Questek Advanced Technologies is all about visualisation solutions for professional markets.  We like to call them “visual value solutions” and they are tailor-made to suit the requirements of every client in a very diverse market.  The power and value of effective visual displays are yours today, whether you need event, sport, edutainment, surveillance, utilities, broadcasting, traffic, media, security or medical displays.  We integrate advanced display technologies to give our customers the best display solutions.

Doctors, clinics and hospitals use medical displays for various reasons.  The Sony DICOM Gamma display is an example of a monitor that allows for simple picture viewing in medical applications such as education and conferences.  It has a conference mode and is 1080 Full HD with a 1920x1080 resolution.  For medical applications where an extremely powerful and high-precision projector is required, the ProjectionDesign F3+ with DLP technology is possibly the best of its breed. 

With a very high 1400x1050 resolution, the F3+ is ideal for the display of specialist medical graphics like X-Ray and MR, thanks to its ability to easily resolve fine graphic detail.  Its SXGA+ resolution provides almost twice as many pixels as XGA and with support for 1600x1200, it comes so close to a continuous analogue image that it can be regarded as almost “resolution-less”.

Of course, this type of resolution is not expected of all types of medical displays and the simpler Sony Ziris is popular in a different part of the medical field.  It can be used as digital signage whereby you can essentially create your own internal television channel to inform your patients with the right message at the right time.  For more information on Questek Advanced Technologies’ visualisation solutions, contact us today.