Sony and Questek Advanced Technologies have been awarded the contracts to install networked electronic solutions into the Orlando and Royal Bafokeng stadia, which are being constructed for the 2010 FIFA World Cup, allowing spectators to get the best views of the action up close. The auditorium at Orlando Stadium will get a motorised screen, LCD monitors and projector, equipping this stadium with the latest in technology, and which will allow these resources to be used in years to come.

Questek Advanced Technologies supply a complete range of flat screen monitors. Flat screens, which are also known as LCD (liquid crystal display), are the standard monitors offered with new desktop computers.  Flat screens plug into the video card of a computer and display images onto the screen.  But these flat screen monitors are also used for high definition televisions.  The monitors display images by using a black light that shines through a liquid crystal substance that is housed between two places of glass, and varying amounts of light pass through the liquid crystal to determine the colours that will be displayed, and ultimately to display images on the screen.

Flat screens come in a vast variety of sizes, and they have an edge over other monitors in that they have better resolution and a much more sleek design, and far easier to transport.

Some of the LCD monitors even produce excellent quality images when viewed at obtuse angles such as 170 degrees. Constant improvements are being made in these LCD monitors, and a new type of LDC TV monitor is being designed that will enable people to watch different programs on the same TV by just changing their angle of viewing.

We monitor future technology trends – our staff have hands-on experience with our equipment and provide advice and technical back-up to our clients before and after installation.

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