Plasma Screens

Plasma Screens were first developed by someone called Larry. F. Weber and should not be confused with LCD (liquid crystal display) technology, which uses different technology. Plasma screens, those dazzling and slim TV's are the latest in display technology and is a superb way to achieve display with outstanding image quality, and large flat screens that can be seen by everyone in a large environment.

Plasma panels are actually an array of cells known as pixels and each pixel has sub-pixels which are the red, green and blue colours. Each of these sub-pixels is individually controlled by very advanced electronics to produce over 16 million different colours. And what does this mean?  You get perfect images that are viewed in slender plasma's.

In addition to the fantastic colour range which makes for bright crisp images, plasma screens allow viewing angles to be huge, over 160 degrees.  So when there is a large group of people watching the screen, it is not only the people in front, but the people standing at over 160 degree angles who will also experience the exact brightness and clarity that the people right in the middle are watching. Some World Cup soccer series were expected to break records for TV audience numbers as plama screen TV sales soared in preparation for viewing of the World Cup sports.

At Questek, we are the leading distributor of plasmas, and have, at the Cradle of Human Kind in South Africa, installed 3 projectors, 3 plasma screens and around 60 different speakers throughout the museum there which includes a boat ride.

All over the world plasma screen sales technology is growing, and in the Gulf last year, TV sales with plasma screens grew by 50 percent. Watch out for the South African 2010 Soccer World Cup where our advanced visual technology solutions, plasma screens, will be scoring a they get their message across.

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