Airport Displays

Not long ago at airports one didn't know what to do with luggage and what queue to go to, but with airport displays located on walls, floors and tables, waiting passengers know exactly where to go. They can reorganize their hand luggage and themselves to comply with regulations flashed on displays and reduce having certain items confiscated. Airport displays are great for targeting international travelers, domestic travelers and airport personnel in retail shops and food courts.

From the moment passengers enter the airport, digital displays help passengers to find all the information needed to make their trip a more pleasant experience.

Digital airport displays are dynamic systems that increase customer satisfaction by conveying the latest information in an ever-changing environment, showing real-time information on trip delays, weather, news and sports coverage, stock market updates, and other information that passengers might want.

Questek is a leading provider of large screen systems for control rooms, aerial surveillance, presentation and virtual reality simulations - the systems are especially designed for reliable use in continuous operation.

Airport displays offer brilliant colour, brightness and contrast qualities combined with a pin-sharp pixel resolution that meets the demands towards modern visual solutions. Due to the adjustable colour temperature setting the displays offer high performance images in almost every ambient light condition.

When hearing is impaired, there is an increased dependence on sensory information... .airport displays reach those who can't hear the audio message and who could be left stranded by missing some important flight information.

Questek is a worldwide operating manufacturer of high-end display products for a wide range of applications, and airports target a captive audience with their flexibility to change content dynamically.