Large Displays

Large displays are often used in conference and meeting rooms.  Questek Advanced Technologies are at the forefront of this technology and can supply leading-edge products for your application.  These large displays are required to have superior brightness and contrast and often have to operate under high ambient light conditions in meeting rooms and conference centres.

Questek’s range of DNP optical screens features anti-reflective coatings, excellent image uniformity and very short built-in depths.  One is able to control an optical screen’s projected image because the Fresnel lens’ focusing abilities are combined with the lenticular lens’ distributive properties to render a much enhanced, uniform image that is up to four times brighter and free from those typical dark corners and bright spots.

Contrast is excellent, unlike single-lens projectors that usually display relatively poor contrast and black levels.  This is extremely important where large displays are used in brightly lit areas.  Ultra Contrast and Black Bead technologies also improve contrast levels markedly, so that these screens can even be used outdoors.  Our DNP Supernova large display screen for meeting rooms disappears into its own elegant housing at the touch of a button, or you can opt for the fixed version.  It is available in up to 150-inch sized cinemascope format and it can even be used as a whiteboard on which you may use dry markers.  Compared to a traditional front screen, it is twice as bright and delivers ten times better contrast.

Questek Advanced Technologies distribute these industry leading large displaysContact us for more information.