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Questek Advanced Solutions distribute many excellent Sony displays and other Sony visualisation solutions.  In fact, Questek will install Sony displays at the Royal Bafokeng and Orlando stadiums, which are both 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup venues.

The Royal Bafokeng Stadium is one of the match venues, while the Orlando Stadium will be used as a training facility.  Questek will install motorised displays, LCD displays and projectors as part of the extensive networked electronic visualisation solutions planned for these venues.  Questek is delighted to be embarking on this project with a partner such as Sony.  Sony is a foremost brand, known internationally for their excellent products, and they are visualisation suppliers for the Arsenal FC Stadium as well.  Questek was a natural fit for them, taking into account our acknowledged expertise in the design and installation of audiovisual solutions in South Africa.

Sony’s range of visualisation products is extensive.  They manufacture plasma and LCD flat panel displays for private, industrial and business use.  They had pioneered the Trinitron CRT television in the ‘60s and today, their Bravia range of LCD televisions is very well-known.  The modern Bravias offer PC connectivity, low latency and fast response.  The picture quality of their HD (high definition) displays are superb and their clarity and realism unrivalled.  Bravia can be obtained in sizes varying from 140cm down to 48cm.

Questek Advanced Technologies distributes these excellent Sony displays in addition to almost any other type of electronic, networked visualisation solution.  Sony screens are widely used in private and business applications alike.  For more information on the Sony products we offer, contact us.

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