Large Screen Displays

Questek Advanced Technologies endorses DNP large screen displays because we believe they are simply the best large screen displays available today.  It you require a large screen for commercial, corporate or private use, let Questek Advanced Technologies match you up with the perfect DNP display.

A popular DNP large screen front projection display is the Supernova.  Available in sizes up to 120 inches (3 metres), it was the first optical screen to comfortably exceed a 15:1 contrast level.  This is up to ten times better than conventional technology and makes the Supernova ideal for outdoor use where very high ambient light levels are present.  The Supernova may be used in conjunction with DLP, LCOS and LCD projectors and are easy to install because of its limited built-in depth.  It works very well in large meeting spaces too and is totally unfazed by brightly-lit conference rooms.

On average, DNP’s large screens are more expensive than average, but their superior quality is soon evident.  They combine the best of lenticular and Fresnel lens technologies to render a superbly sharp and crisp image.  Unlike many single-lens projectors, they exhibit perfectly even light distribution across the entire screen area and superior focusing ability.  They feature an anti-reflective coating to eliminate distracting reflections and when not in use, you can have them double as whiteboards by writing on them with whiteboard markers.

Do not compromise on the quality of large screen displays.  A DNP installation from Questek Advanced Technologies will meet with your approval, once you have seen the brilliant display quality.  For any type of integrated display solution, contact us today.