3D Displays

NuMetro Montecasino is installing a Barco 2k digital cinema projector, and it's no wonder as “the Barco D-Cine Premiere range offers the most advanced digital cinema projectors globally, allowing 3D to take the cinema experience to a new level for audiences.” Theatres are looking for the best deals when it comes to 3D displays, and they find that with us.

So what are 3D displays?  They are displays that project images which appear 3-dimensional. Holograms and 3D display attempts have been around for years and some scientists are expecting fully-fledged 3D displays to hit the market by around 2015.  One of the limitations of it not being totally fully 3D is that holograms are only designed to be viewed from one angle, and research is focusing on designs to let a viewer’s gaze be around the whole room, or viewed from more than one angle.

A difficulty that is experienced in creating 3D displays is producing high-quality content to be displayed.  Filming of the 3D images takes many cameras all viewing from different angles, and then you need specialized software that will convert the 2D images into 3D. 
3D movies require cinemas to install digital technologies that could cost over R1 million just to show a picture. But 3D film displays has sparked an increase in moviegoers across SA, and according to the Advertising Research Foundation, average four-week attendance to cinemas increased to 760 000 in 2008 from 710 000 in 2007!

3D displays will be the catalyst to revitalizing the industry’s technology.  Last year, major Hollywood production houses released a total of four movies created in 3D displays.  This year they are expecting 18, and who knows what will happen after that.

3D display technology is a very exciting technology and Questek Advanced Technologies stands as the frontrunner in the advance of visualization solutions.

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