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With the advent of the electronic age and the visualisation of data, electronic displays have become commonplace. Questek Advanced Technologies have kept pace with the ever-advancing technological progress of electronic displays and can bring you the latest display technology for corporate, commercial or private applications

Displays enjoy wide use in security applications, as well as events, digital conferencing, sport, entertainment and retail, among others. Questek has worked extensively in the visualisation solutions field; our solutions and the large screen displays that we provide are used in projection and broadcasting. Our solutions cover all the bases, from image acquisition to their processing, display and eventual management. The DNP optical screens that we supply are especially popular, thanks to their impressive brightness and contrast levels, making them ideal for outdoor use, where there are high ambient light levels.

We supply displays for professional markets and empower our clients with visual communication tools through integrated, advanced display technologies. The three most common display technologies are CRT, LCD and LED. CRT (Cathode Ray Tube) technology is rapidly on the decline. This is the traditional glass tube televisions and displays; they are very heavy and bested by LCD and LED displays for image quality. LCD (Liquid Crystal Display) technology has advanced greatly over the last ten years, now vying with plasma displays for superiority; LCDs use the least power of the three. Plasma displays had used to be the preferred choice, but today they offer little advantage over LCDs.

Marshall Monitors –cutting edge monitors for commercial and domestic use

A company with nearly 3 decades experience in engineering and developing a large range of technological advanced products is Marshall Electronics. For many years consumers have come to associate Marshall Monitors with innovative quality and cutting edge, modern designs. Their varied range of customers include the broadcast, multimedia, film and video industries, all of whom depend on Marshall Electronics’ industry leading LCD rack mountable monitors.

Marshall Monitors have grown both in range and reputation over the years and many industry professionals regard these products as the industry standard. Marshall Electronics specializes in producing monitors for various applications, the most popular of which being Camera-Top monitors, Desktop, Outdoor and LYNX monitors, among many others. The MD Series of rack mount Marshall monitors offers a flexible approach to system integration.

Their ranges of rack mountable monitors, which can be interchanged in the field, are developed with clients’ evolving needs in mind. This removes the need to have to replace or upgrade equipment should the input of a different application be required and this ‘hindsight’ solution offers their clients flexibility, especially where multi-monitor rack mount units are concerned. For their clients’ convenience these Marshall monitors are available in various sizes and configurations, and they are the world’s first HD monitors with direct fibre optic video inputs.

The AR-DM Rackmount Audio Monitors are Marshall Electronics’ range of high quality, ultra nearfield audio monitoring systems which are perfectly suited for limited space environments, and come with substitutable output and input modules and field-upgradeable firmware capability. Some of the more popular Rackmount Digital Marshall Monitors include the 16 channel AR-DM1 Digital Audio Monitor-1RU Minaframe and the AR-DM2-L 16 channel Digital Audio Monitor-2RU Mainframe with Dual High-Resolution LCD Displays.

Marshall Electronics is also proud of their LYNX Monitors, which vary in screen size as required for its various applications.  These Marshall Monitors are not only economically priced, but also offer high performance features for any application which requires a professional-grade and high quality LCD monitor. Their easy-to-use design and manifold input and output options make the LYNX Series Monitors ideally fit for industrial as well as commercial use. The cleverly designed dynamic noise reduction gets rid of annoying and unwanted sounds in the video material; comb filter technology diminishes ghosting in the motion video. These monitors are ideally suited for high traffic public spaces, these monitors brings and impressive contrast of ratios and brightness levels to the table and offers high resolution capability, allowing you to experience crisp, clear images each time.

The Dual Link / Waveform series of Marshall monitors form part of the latest expansion of In-Monitor Display monitors from Marshall Electronics. These monitors include Dual Link technology with Waveform and Vectorscope. They also incorporate a 10-bit video path, and they are the industry’s first ever monitors equipped with 3G technological capabilities. When in Quad-View mode, the monitors split the screens into four quadrants and will display audio bars, a waveform monitor as well as live video all at the same time. These monitors support HD / 3D / SDI and Dual Link inputs. Added features include the In Monitor Display protocol support for TSL, NVISION, Image Video and MEI tally systems, remote firmware update and tri-colour hard and soft tally configurations.

If you are in the market for enhanced contrast monitors with improved brightness, greater image uniformity, anti-reflective coatings and monitors which are optimized for single lens projectors, then Questek Advanced Technologies’ line of DNP optical screens are ideal. Their advanced optical lens systems put the power in your hands to control the projected image, and put the final product output in your hands. Whereas with conventional front and rear projections screens distribute the light in all directions, optical screens enhance the image for optimum viewing by merging the distributive properties of lenticular lenses with the focusing abilities of a Fresnel lens. This results in up to 4 times more brightness and crystal clear image without dark corners or any ‘hotspots’.

Questek Advanced Technologies is the authorized reseller and distributor of Marshall Monitors in South Africa. Offering all of their clients the latest technological innovation in visual solutions, Questek Advanced Technologies specialize in electronic display and visualisation solutions for the commercial and domestic markets. Contact us today.

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