Video Conferencing

Video conferencing has changed the way businesspeople meet. It is no longer necessary to waste time and money travelling vast distances to meet in person, because with video conferencing, delegates do in fact “meet in person” without being in the same place. Questek Advanced Technologies offer advanced video conferencing solutions to save you time and money

Many corporate clients have recognised our expertise in this field and have come away with fully integrated video conferencing systems. We have comprehensively upgraded the video conferencing facilities of the University of Limpopo. It was felt that the committee members were exposed to unnecessary risks, having to travel to and from meetings. In addition, the University was seeking to reduce their costs associated with these committee meetings. The solution that the university has commissioned includes an automated camera tracking system. A delegate pushes a button on a console and the camera will focus on the person as he or she starts to speak.

In addition to bringing regular delegates together at much reduced cost and risk, video conferencing enables people who would never have had the opportunity, to meet each other and converse, even over vast distances. An example would be employees at different, far removed branches of the same company who work together on projects. Whereas it might have been impossible to justify the travelling costs to get these people together, video conferencing makes it affordable and painless.

Questek Advanced Technologies can offer you advanced video conferencing solutions as well. For more information on this and on the other products we offer, Contact us today.