Sport Scoreboards

Questek Advanced Technologies is a leading supplier of sport scoreboards for soccer, rugby and cricket stadiums and other sports venues.  In addition to sport scoreboards, we are also suppliers of other types of networked and integrated visualisation solutions and installations like LCD, LED and plasma screens for both private or corporate use.

In the sporting arena, Questek’s strategic partners are Barco and Sony.  Questek is already the distributor of Barco products in South Africa.  On their part, Barco has also collaborated extensively with Sony in the international market and together they have been responsible for several large international projects: the Arsenal FC Stadium is Sony-equipped and the famous Wembley Stadium is Barco-equipped.  Both these players have established themselves as foremost suppliers of visualisation solutions like scoreboard displays at international venues.  For local projects, Questek’s association with Barco (and by extension, Sony) has also seen to it that we have become involved in similarly significant local projects.

We are now involved in the 2010 FIFA Soccer World Cup and have participated with Sony in the tender process for supplying fully networked and integrated visualisation solutions (like scoreboards, digital signage and IP monitoring) at the Orlando and Royal Bafokeng World Cup stadiums.  Questek is the preferred partner to install these systems through its association and cooperation agreements with Sony and Barco.

Questek Advanced Technologies is a proud partner in the installation of sport scoreboards at local World Cup stadiums, but we can also supply your home or business with displays and display solutions and we provide stage and event lighting services too, so contact us today.