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Best Broadcast Automation and Monitoring Solutions for Today


Questek Advanced Technologies believes that by partnering with superior brands in the industry, we are able to provide clients not only with the best installation capabilities, but also the most advanced display options required for the highly visually orientated society of today. As such we can provide clients with state of the art broadcast automation and display solutions.

One of the brands that we install at client premises is that of Quantel®. The UK brand is amongst the top brands in broadcast automation and display available in the world today.

Found in motion picture, television, and video production industries the brand has almost become a household name in the industry. We are a franchised supplier of their products and can install the best Quantel® broadcast automation solutions according to client requirements.

The Quantel® broadcast systems feature powerful tools and excellent scalability ensuring streamlining of workflow when it comes to post-production, graphic production and news displays. The brand includes 3D, 2K and 4K as well as HD and SD solutions for the modern broadcasting company. International broadcasting companies and channels such as Sky News Australia, ESPN, and BBC rely on their products to ensure the best technologies in integrated news and broadcasting production. By using their technologies the companies can ensure faster and more efficient delivery of news to their viewers.

In addition to Quantel®, we also offer other advanced broadcasting automation and display systems such as the products from the Vutrix® brand. With HD LCD displays, the advertising industry now has advanced tools for broadcasting monitoring. The screens are advanced with features such as quad screen processing, internal test screen generation, and UMD display. With perfect accuracy, and complete calibration for the production process, the screens provide perfect colour rendition.

Don’t compromise on the streamline and display aspects. Contact us today to discuss your broadcast automation requirements and let us assist you in setting up a system that will meet and exceed the demands of your industry.

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