Promotional Screens for Sport Stadiums

Questek Advanced Technologies provides businesses, event planners, and sport organisers a wide range of promotional screens for indoor and outdoor displays. Using liquid crystal display screens we are able to provide clients with promotional screens that will display crystal clear images whether in the dark or light.

The promotional screens that we install come in various styles with the white matte offering light distributed over a wide viewing surface and with no hue shifting at all. We discuss the display options and most suitable screens for the specific purpose with the client ensuring that the screen installed fits the purpose, audience and imaging requirements perfectly.

We offer the latest and most advanced technologies such as the LC56 inch Barco mega pixel display screen. It is so advanced that it has a resolution eight times better than the conventional LCD solutions. This means that outdoor displays can now be just as effective as the indoor displays. As such the displays can be used at sport stadiums, airports, bus terminals, train stations, and exhibition centres with equal effectiveness. If you have images that need to change constantly you will want the fast transition and high quality of this type of screen.

With our expertise offered, proven technologies applied, and years of experience in the provision of event display solutions, clients trust our advice and installation capabilities.

If you thus want the best promotional screens to bring adverts to life and create high impact messages to large crowds or smaller groups then the display screens installed by us, will be the answer. We recently installed LCD monitors and projectors at some of the soccer stadiums used for the Soccer World Cup in collaboration with Sony® and with Barco®. High clarity levels are required for sport stadiums and as such the best brands are used.  Contact us today for information, quotes, and advice regarding the installation of promotional screens.

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