Encore Presentation System & Video Mixer

Questek offers advanced video imaging and presentation solutions. One type of video mixer worth a mention is our Encore Presentation System, esteemed for being the most advanced video mixer processing and presentation control solution available today.

The Encore Presentation System offers state of the art video mixer abilities including that of source selection, switching without hassle, special video effects, numerous windowing options, and fully integrated professional video presentation control.

The system features a modular architecture. This offers the advantage of support for numerous types of show designs. It supports up to 32 screens in a variety of combinations to ensure either widescreen display or independent display solutions.

If you want total event control, then this revolutionary system is for you. It also supports up to twelve separate windows with Z level control allowing for resizing and positioning in real time and with completely programmable drop shadows as well as borders. Even edge blended widescreen applications are supported. The system also allows for background transition effects to be used totally independent from the various windowing channels.

The Encore Presentation System has a control and one or more video processing units. Each of the systems can be expanded to fit your particular requirements. It also features low video delay, still framing, complete preview of what is ahead and widescreen projection capabilities. Each one of the mixer layers can be re-assigned as a mixing PIP or at two separate non-transitions KEY or PIP images.

Together with the above, the Encore Video Processor should also be mentioned. It offers single mixer, dual mixer and triple mixer effects. With the single mixer it is possible to have two backgrounds, and two scalable mixer layers as well as the un-scaled DSK. With the dual mixer you have two backgrounds and four scalable layers as well as the un-scaled DSK. The triple mixer has two backgrounds and six scalable layers in three mixers as well as the un-scaled DSK.

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